As a Reuters-trained journalist with over twenty-five years of experience working in London across the press, broadcast and publishing sectors, Drew has variously launched, published and edited numerous successful magazines and periodicals. Having interviewed many of the era’s leading politicians, business figures, musicians and sports personalities, the highlight of Drew’s career (to date) was in securing one of the first UK interviews with the then newly-elected President Barack Obama at the G20 Summit of 2009.

As well as the written word, Drew is a renowned front cover illustrator, with a tally in excess of 400 individual pieces. These days, having recently relocated to Inverness in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, Drew continues to tap his diverse range of interests, though with politics never out of arm’s reach, his extensive cartoon and caricature portfolio covers a plethora of national publications, including Private Eye, the Sunday Times, Spectator, The Oldie, The European, Viz, Punch, plus several regional press titles and a variety of sporting publications.

Drew has also written gags and sketches for a number of BBC Radio Light Entertainment comedy shows, such as Weekending, Harry Hill’s Fruit Corner, and The News Huddlines. But with a love of music foremost in his mind, Drew has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Faber Music, for whom he has developed over a dozen books. This, principally, involved illustrating a large selection of best-selling music tutor and repertoire works for young people.


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